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Remember Me?
Welcome Boise High School class of 1972.

72 turns 60
August 16th, 2014

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They say it's our Birthday, Happy Birthday to us!

Thanks to all that made this event a huge success!

Skip and some of our classmates thought we're either 60
or turning 60 soon so let's get together!!!

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Registered For Reunion
Sidney L. Asker
Rebecca B. Baer
Wally L. Baker
Walter Baker
Terrie Lynn Barker
Thomas G. Beckwith
Sarah Jane Benson
Ann Breen
Cameron Scott Burke
Marilyn Louise Burns
Peggy A. Carter
John Chronic
John Skip Crandall
Sheila R. Davies
Martin B. Davis
Byron P. Defenbach
William S. Drake
Donna Duke
Emma Gilyard
Ann M. Griffin
Steven D. Gurnsey
D'on Maureen Gustaves
Maxine Harmon
Tracey L. Herrick
Susan Hickerson
Anthony D. Hill
Mary Holcomb
John W. Homan
Ron Johnson
Deborah (Debbie) Jones
Brenda G. Julian
Larry J. L'Abbe
Stephanie A. Leisk
Carmella C. Lewandowski
Peggy Little
James A. (Jim) Lynch
John A Lynch
Rhonda J. Manwill
Craig J. Marshall
Annette G. Mary
Stephanie E. McKenzie
Barbara Ann Moseley
Julie Numbers
Ty Ann Olson
Calvin E. Osborn
Jan Marie Paterson
Shirley Phelps
Micayla D. Prestwich
Vickie B. Rasmussen
Connie Rea
Jerome (Jerry) A. Reininger Jr.
Jeannette (Jeannie) Rice
Gerry E. Rogalsky
Claudia J. Scott
Tamie Shaffer
Tina L. Smith
Deborah (Debbie) J. Stevens
Sharon Studdert
Cathy J. Tarrant
George R. Taylor
Marla O. Toledo
Dana Towle
Gwenna L. Walter
Renee Warner
Michael E. Warren
Pamela R. Whittaker
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